Disclaimer Notice
  • Disclaimer Notice

    • Icy Tundra uses a number of images to identify a post category easily.


    • The images do not show the exact position / post.
    • say for example the taxi  category will display only 3 or 4 taxis for ads to show just taxi category  and nothing more than that. Moreover we use only 5 to 10 images for all security jobs across Canada. Similarly we use a few images for the each category of posting.
    • Advertisers can post their images for every listing.
  • What are the social media features of auto icy tundra?

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    • First submit your ads with auto icytundra.
    • At the bottom there is a space for writing commends about your ads.
    • Let the happy satisfied customers, well wishers, relatives and friends write commends to your ads.
    • Then let them click any socialiser  button with their commends.
    • Our socialiser ask them to select social media like google plus, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and many of other choices and then the commends get published at social media.
    • Then when somebody shares information about your ads within facebook or your site get visitors from facebook or twitter then your website gets social media popularity.
    • We also submit your web pages to leading 500 search engines to get broad visibility in search engines.
    • A  real kick start for natural traffic then starts.
  • Is there any free offers of icy tundra listing?beauty 4

    • Yes  for all icy tundra shoppers
    • Icy Tundra mall has hundreds of online shops for US, UK and Canada.
    • Shopper who buys any one of 200 shops is icy tundra mall shopper.
    • So shop 100 $ in Icy Tundra mall ……….Get a free listing in icy tundra classifieds for one month
    • Shop 200$ in  Icy Tundra mall………Get a free listing in any 5 Video classifieds Movie Tv   Prof TV
    • If you are a regular shopper of icy tundra mall  then classifieds listing cost will be free throughout the year.


  • Who are the visitors of auto icy tundra?

    Auto IcyTundra visitors

    • Icytinys has 3 classifieds for US, UK and Canada
    • Icytinys has 5 video classifieds sites like  Movie TV Real Estate Tv
    • Icytinys classifieds are a part of Icy Tundra Shopping Mall
    • Icytundra mall has hundreds of online shops for US, Canada and UK shoppers.
    • Most of the the above visitors will see classified sites.
    • Icy tundra, Tiny Tundra, Tiny reals, Icy tiny and tiny waves are the sibling group of  Icytinys.
    • icy Tundra mall connecting global shoppers.
  • What are the special features of  auto icy tundra?

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    1. All advertisements are published over the Canada map. There are no folders for each city or province. We need only address.
    2. Multi listing features offers advertisers for multiple presence at various locations.
    3. No top listing, top key words and premium plans required.
    4. Multi listing feature is the specialty of auto icytinys.  say a driving school training at 5 locations in the city the cost of single listing is 5×30=150 $. In multi listing fee is 60$ for 5 ads . cost saved is 150-60=90$
    5. In multi posting say multiple advertisements say equipment rentals, training, repair and sale activities at 5 different locations.  Each advertisement has different images and descriptions at different locations. Multiple ads posting costs = 75$ for 5 ads.                                                 Cost saved 150-75=75$.
    6. Visitors can write commends directly on your page. You may reply to them.
    7. Visitors can refer your page to social media links. Click any social link …socialiser take you to select huge choices of social media available.
    8. Visitors can give rating to your page.
  • How to submit my advertisement to Auto icy tundra?

    How to submit ads?

    •  Click Home
    • Click submit menu. It will take you at icytundra.ca main page (white page)
    • Click select plan and then it will go to registration menu
    • Fill up all your details required
    • Enter payment info. Payment can be done by credit card or through paypal
    • For bank transfer please send a mail to admin
    • Then enter …….it will go to paypal verification and then complete.
    • We need upto 24 hours for publishing based on ads.


    • All submissions for buy sell, auto, realty, services and job listings are accepted at icytundra.ca in a centralised mode and after approval the ads will be displayed at their respective  places.
    • Registering a membership is not a submission.
    • If  advertisers like to place enquiries before submission they may just register first and send mails to admin. Icytundra team will reply all the enquiries and questions.
    • We are adding general information at FAQs for customers.

    Icy Tundra Classifieds Team

  • How to register with Auto Icy Tundra?How to register ?

    • Click home
    • Then click any ads / postings
    • Click more information and get a full page of the ads.
    • Check at right side navigation. Find register menu.
    • Click register menu. Then enter user name and password
    • Check your e-mail and login with your password.
    • Fill up your actual name and all the details wherever you like to add.



    • All suspecious e-mails ids and names like  ncbcbc, k.l.k.nn.@aa.com will be deleted immediately.