What are the special features of auto icy tundra?

What are the special features of  auto icy tundra?

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  1. All advertisements are published over the Canada map. There are no folders for each city or province. We need only address.
  2. Multi listing features offers advertisers for multiple presence at various locations.
  3. No top listing, top key words and premium plans required.
  4. Multi listing feature is the specialty of auto icytinys.  say a driving school training at 5 locations in the city the cost of single listing is 5×30=150 $. In multi listing fee is 60$ for 5 ads . cost saved is 150-60=90$
  5. In multi posting say multiple advertisements say equipment rentals, training, repair and sale activities at 5 different locations.  Each advertisement has different images and descriptions at different locations. Multiple ads posting costs = 75$ for 5 ads.                                                 Cost saved 150-75=75$.
  6. Visitors can write commends directly on your page. You may reply to them.
  7. Visitors can refer your page to social media links. Click any social link …socialiser take you to select huge choices of social media available.
  8. Visitors can give rating to your page.